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Call to Action Against NSA Spying

“This dragnet program is surely one of the largest surveillance efforts ever launched by a democratic government against its own citizens” –  Jameel Jaffer, ACLU deputy legal director.

Our civil liberties are under attack! We recently learned that the National Security Agency collects information about every phone call placed in the United States and has direct access to our emails and Internet activities.  We, the people, whose rights are at serious risk, must become the most important voice in this debate! Let’s show the government and the spy industry that we intend to fight by assembling in public! Let’s show the communication companies that we will not tolerate their compliance with government surveillance! Let’s show the courts that we will protest unjust treatment of whistleblowers! Let’s show the ACLU and others filing suit to challenge these programs that we will support them! Most importantly, let’s show those who are uncertain how to defend themselves that there is a vibrant movement to join and build!

Come protest these programs on July 18 at the Old State House, 800 Main Street in Hartford, beginning at 4 p.m. and to be followed by a rally in defiance of domestic spying.  We say:  NSA! Stop Spying on Us!

4 p.m. Assembly and picket at Old State House begins

5 p.m. Sidewalk March to Federal Building & other sites

6 p.m. Rally at Old State House




American Civil Liberties Union of CT

National Lawyers Guild, Connecticut Chapter

Council on American Islamic Relations, Connecticut Chapter

CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention

Activate CT


Endorser List in Formation:

Working Families Party

Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice

People of Faith

Unitarian Society of Hartford Advocacy Sub-Council

CT Coalition for Peace and Justice

CT United for Peace

Promoting Enduring Peace

Northeast Philly for Peace and Justice

Capitalism vs. The Climate

Digital Fourth (Belmont MA)

Queers without Borders

Colombia Action/CT

Greater Hartford Cuba Coalition

Socialist Action

International Socialist Organization


Please send your group’s name to nrbowden@comcast.net


For More Information Call:

Chris at 860 478 5300


Is NSA Spying Just Facebook Gone Wild? NO!

NSA spying is a serious threat to democracy, whistle-blowing, the unions, the climate justice movement, the movement against mass incarceration, the fight for immigrant rights, and every other struggle for social change.

Bring your neighbors, friends, and coworkers so they can learn exactly what the government and the surveillance industry are doing and how to fight it.

Join us to prepare to win the battle for public opinion regarding the Snowden revelations.

Emergency Forum and Discussion.

Panelists include:
–Peter Goselin of the National Lawyers Guild on how spying is used against the movements for social change
–ACLU of CT attorney explaining the facts and their legal response.
–Anthony Sorge of Capitalism vs. Climate on spying & the environmental movement
–Mongi Dhaouadi from the Council on American Islamic Relations on spying & Muslim community

Presentations followed by an open discussion about how best to build a movement that is capable of defending our democratic rights.

Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 3 pm., Islamic Center of Berlin
1781 Berlin Turnpike, Berlin Connecticut

Sponsored by the CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention
For more info: Mongi at 860-514-8038 or Chris at 860-478-5300