One Nation—Under Surveillance

A One-Day Conference about Building Networks of Solidarity In Defiance of NSA Spying & the Erosion of Democratic Rights

 Keynote: Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist Chris Hedges

Saturday, March 29, 2014 –10:00 a.m.  (Registration & Tables at 9:00 am) Torp Theater, Davidson Hall, Central Connecticut State University

1615 Stanley Street, New Britain Connecticut

Registration: Solidarity Price: $25; Non-CCSU Students & Unemployed: $10. CCSU Students Free; Scholarships are available. Pay via credit card online at ctstopindefinitedetention.com or Send checks made out to the “CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention,” c/o Nancy Bowden, at 7 Scotland Rd., Bloomfield CT 06002, 860-212-9596.

For more information, contact Isa Mujahid at imujahid@acluct.org 860-471-8473, Daniel Adam at 860-985-4576, or Mongi Dahoudi at mdhaouadi@cair.com or 860-514-8038.

Initiated by the CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention, the ACLU of CT, the Council on American Islamic Relations-CT, United Action-CT.

Sponsored (Gold) by the Tree of Life Foundation of CT and CCSU Center for Public Policy & Social Research, CCSU Student Affairs.

Sponsored by Boston United for Justice with Peace, Middle East Crisis Committee, Promoting Enduring Peace, Greater New Haven Peace Council, Rosenberg Fund for Children, Project SALAM, Socialist Action CT, United National Antiwar Coalition, Occupy Hartford Trust.

Endorsed by Greater Hartford Central Labor Council, National Lawyers Guild of CT, KnowDrones, Norwich NAACP, New London NAACP, ANSWER CT, Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba, Boston Stop the War, CT United for Peace, Norwich Area Green Party, RI Coalition to Defend Human & Civil Rights, Activate CT.

Hosted by CCSU Youth for Socialist Action.



Keynote Speaker:

Chris Hedges, former New York Times reporter, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, columnist for Truthdig, author of 12 books, and was a plaintiff in the historic lawsuit “Hedges vs. Obama,” a court challenge to the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act.


Dawud Walid, Executive Director, Council on American Islamic Relations of Michigan

Professor Khalilah Brown-Dean, Author, Once Convicted, Forever Doomed: Race, Crime, and Civil Death.

Tania Unzueta, National Day Laborer’s Organizing Committee

Ana Maria Cardenas, Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization / Pastors for Peace Project

Bruce Miller, Executive Board of the Rosenberg Fund for Children

–Robert King, former Black Panther who served 23 years as one of the Angola Three and is one of the most famous former political prisoners in the world today.

Saru Jayaraman, Author, Behind the Kitchen Door and founder of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United.

Lynne Jackson, Project SALAM and the leader of the Journey for Justice in defense of Yassin Aref

Brett Kaufmann, National Security Fellow in the ACLU’s National Security Project.


Workshops and Facilitators:

Criminalizing Communities of Color and The System of Mass Incarceration:  What You Can Do: Barbara Fair, People Against Injustice; Beatrice Codianni, Reentry Central; Sandra Enos, Author, Mothering from the Inside: Parenting in a Women’s Prison. 

Don’t Deport My Mother: The Fight to Stop Deportations Today: Tania Unzueta, National Day Laborer’s Organizing Committee; John Jairo Lugo, Unidad Latina en Accion; Patricia Rosas Blanco, Los Manos Unidos.

Islamphobia, Entrapment, Surveillance, and the So-Called War on Terror: Defending Muslim Americans Today:  Mongi Dhaouadi, CAIR CT; Dawud Walid, Michigan CAIR; Steve Downs, Project SALAM and the National Coaliton to Protect Civil Freedoms.

The Right to Do Palestine Solidarity Work—in the Community and on the Campus:  Rev. David Good, Tree of Life Foundation; Maxwell Geller, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at Northeastern University Law School.

The Fight Against Domestic Surveillance Drones Takes Off!: Nick Mottern of KnowDrones and organizer of the 2014 national Spring Days of Action; Isa Mujahid, Field Organizer, ACLU of CT.

Individual Defense Cases—True Stories and Lessons:  Lynne Jackson of Project SALAM and the Yasin Aref case; Robert King, one of the Angola Three; Jorge Limeres, Comite Pro Independencia de Puerto Rico en Connecticut and supporter of Oscar Lopez Ramirez

Report Back from Lobby Day; The Civil Liberties Legislative Agenda in CT and the Nation:  ACLU of CT; Council on American Islamic Relations CT; CT Green Party.

Labor, War, and Free Speech—World War I: Lessons for Today: Steve Thornton, author of A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies: Stories of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Connecticut

The Democratic Right to Organize: Low Wage Workers:  Saru Jayaraman, author, Behind the Kitchen Door with be joined by activists with the campaign for a domestic workers Bill of Rights, the Fight for Fifteen minimum wage campaign, and the new effort to recover wages from McDonalds.

Do Women Have the Right to Study Unmolested? Title 9 Case Plaintiffs from the Yale and University of Connecticut campuses.



9:00 am Literature Tables Open and Onsite Registration Begins

10:00 am Welcome; Overview of Goal and the Flow of the Day

10:15 am Panel

Finding Strength by Defending Our Democratic Rights–Together: Voices from the Movements to for Muslim American Civil Liberties, Low Wage Workers, Political Prisoners, Immigrants, and International Solidarity.

11:45 am:  Bag Lunches Provided ($8 for non-CCSU students), Book signings

Keynote Address: 1:00 pm:  Chris Hedges

2:15 pm Workshops

3:45 pm Panel

What Will Effective Solidarity Look Like Today? What Divides Us and What Can Bring Us Together to Achieve Democratic Rights for All?

Discussion:  A plan for organization, education, & mobilization in 2014.







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