Workshops and Facilitators for March 29 Conference

Workshops and Facilitators:

Criminalizing Communities of Color and The System of Mass Incarceration:  What You Can Do: Barbara Fair, People Against Injustice; Beatrice Codianni, Reentry Central; Sandra Enos, Author, Mothering from the Inside: Parenting in a Women’s Prison.

Don’t Deport My Mother: The Fight to Stop Deportations Today: Tania Unzueta, National Day Laborer’s Organizing Committee; John Jairo Lugo, Unidad Latina en Accion; Patricia Rosas Blanco, Los Manos Unidos.

Islamphobia, Entrapment, Surveillance, and the So-Called War on Terror: Defending Muslim Americans Today:  Mongi Dhaouadi, CAIR CT; Dawud Walid, Michigan CAIR; Steve Downs, Project SALAM and the National Coaliiton to Protect Civil Freedoms.

The Right to Do Palestine Solidarity Work—in the Community and on the Campus:  Rev. David Good, Tree of Life Foundation; Maxwell Geller, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at Northeastern University Law School.

The Fight Against Domestic Surveillance Drones Takes Off!: Nick Mottern of KnowDrones and organizer of the 2014 national Spring Days of Action; Isa Mujahid, Field Organizer, ACLU of CT.

Individual Defense Cases—True Stories and Lessons:  Lynne Jackson of Project SALAM and the Yasin Aref case; Robert King, one of the Angola Three; Jorge Limeres, Comite Pro Independencia de Puerto Rico en Connecticut and supporter of Oscar Lopez Ramirez

Report Back from Lobby Day; The Civil Liberties Legislative Agenda in CT and the Nation:  ACLU of CT; Council on American Islamic Relations CT; CT Green Party.

Labor, War, and Free Speech—World War I: Lessons for Today: Steve Thornton, author of A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies: Stories of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Connecticut

The Democratic Right to Organize: Low Wage Workers:  Saru Jayaraman, author, Behind the Kitchen Door with be joined by activists with the campaign for a domestic workers Bill of Rights, the Fight for Fifteen minimum wage campaign, and the new effort to recover wages from McDonalds.

Do Women Have the Right to Study Unmolested? Title 9 Case Plaintiffs from the Yale and University of Connecticut campuses.


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