8/8/12 CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention Picket line and Rally

Call put out by the coalition
UPDATE: The CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention condemns the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin.  We stand in solidarity with the Sikh community.  Shootings such as this one are a predictable results of government policies that single out immigrant, Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities for spying, harassment, and frame-up operations that are widely covered in the press as if they were uncovering actual terrorist plots.  These campaigns erode our civil liberties, create the false appearance of widespread terrorist organization within the targeted community, and make hatred and indiscriminate violence against these communities socially acceptable.  It is this climate that fosters the racist attitudes and beliefs that have led to over 700 hate crimes against the Sikh community since September, 2001.
End government sponsored racism!

Original Call:


End the grand jury repression in Portland, Seattle and Olympia!
Bring justice to those that ransacked the Los Angeles office of ANSWER!
Stop FBI harassment and intimidation in Vermont!
Demonstration at the Federal Courthouse
450 Main St, Hartford
Wednesday, August 8 at 5pm

On the night of July 23 the Los Angeles office of ANSWER was broken into and ransacked. All the computers, sound equipment and bullhorns were stolen and the office was trashed. It is very likely that this was done in retaliation for ANSWER’s support of protests in Anaheim against numerous police shootings including the killing of an unarmed man.

On July 25 coordinated raids were conducted by the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force at three locations in Portland, Oregon. The raids were part of a larger investigation that also targeted activists in Seattle and Olympia, Washington. At least three people were issued subpoenas to appear before a federal grand jury. The search warrants authorized the FBI agents to seize hard drives, cell phones, address books, anarchist literature, black clothing, flags and flag making materials.

On July 26 two FBI agents attempted to question activists in Burlington, Vermont. Those targeted had been active in planning the People’s Convergence to coincide with the Northeast Governors’ Conference.

We condemn all attacks, repression, harassment and intimidation of activists and stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the struggle. An injury to one is an injury to all!

Join the CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention for a demonstration in Hartford on Wednesday, August 8 at 5:00 pm at the federal courthouse, 450 Main St.

For more info or to endorse contact Toka, 860-680-7247 or tokujiokamoto@gmail.com


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